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MARTINSBURG – In an effort to provide a unique source of entertainment in downtown Martinsburg, RePlay Gaming will be bringing a gaming atmosphere with esports competitions to Queen Street in the coming weeks.

Young business partners Cheyenne Kesecker, Klayton Richards and Zane Winter are passionate about this new project and are excited to share it with the community.

RePlay Gaming will open in the coming weeks, offering fun for all ages and experiences, including gaming, as well as tournament hosting, the first being Super Smash Bros., which will take place weekly.

“Since the day we moved in, so many people come in and ask what goes into space,” Kesecker said.

The team of entrepreneurs shared that the idea of ​​creating the company came from a spark of inspiration and the desire to have more entertainment in the area.

“The idea arose in a conversation one evening. We are all gamers and we wanted to have something different to do. When we would get together and do something fun, it’s always, ‘What can we do in Hagerstown or Winchester?” explained Richards. “We wanted to bring something here for people to do.”

They said it was important for them to stay in the Martinsburg area as they all grew up in or around it.

“We wanted to stay in the area because it’s our community, but it needs more entertainment and things to do,” Kesecker said. “It’s such a great feeling to have such a supportive community. It’s really changed since I was a kid. It feels safer to be here.”

A gaming hub with the latest generation of consoles including PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch, every desktop tower at RePlay Gaming is built by Richards and Winter.

With a comfortable, cozy and dimly lit atmosphere, the space is suitable for families, children, teenagers and groups of friends. Kesecker said the experience of starting the business and letting it all come to fruition feels unreal.

“Because this is so new to the area we had a bit of disappointment from people. Jamie Lopez and his team really came in and got behind us. They thought it would be great for the community,” she said.

When the center officially opens, it will be open from 4pm to 2am. RePlay Gaming works on a membership and hourly basis.

To play, it costs $8 per hour for non-members. Members pay a $5 per month fee, but then the hourly rate for members is $7, with the option to pay after the game.

“It’s a place where people can relax,” she added.

RePlay Gaming is located at 205 N. Queen St. in Martinsburg. For more information, please visit the RePlay Gaming Facebook page for updates.

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