NBA 2K23 Cover Reveal Teased

2K Games teased the cover reveal NBA 2K23, the next installment in the long-running basketball sim series. With the 2021-2022 NBA season just coming to a close last month, 2K is now also officially turning the page to promote the next game. And although we don’t know when NBA 2K23 is yet to launch, it looks like we have more to learn in the near future.

2K Games and developer Visual Concepts recently teased on Twitter that it is preparing to announce NBA 2K23 soon enough. While no specific dates were given regarding this reveal, it was suggested that the covers for this year’s game will be revealed soon. A video that appeared to tease one of the covers in question was also shared.

“Get ready. NBA 2K23 coming,” the tweet’s caption reads. “Don’t miss a thing as we reveal our cover stars, release gameplay-first looks and more.”

As you might expect, the responses to this tweet had many fans theorizing who made the cover of NBA 2K23† Others just expressed what new features they hoped to see implemented in this year’s game. In this regard, many have made it clear that they finally want to see crossplay NBA 2K23

Probably the most interesting thing confirmed so far NBA 2K23 is that it will have multiple cover athletes. This is something that has become commonplace in recent years, so it’s not necessarily a huge shock. Usually there is a current basketball star who graces the cover of the base game, while another “legendary” player tends to appear on a special edition of the title. Last year, 2K Games also put Candace Parker on the cover of NBA 2K22, making her the first WNBA player to wear the franchise’s box art. Whether or not a similar strategy from 2K Games will be used here with 2K23 we still don’t know, but the answers seem to be coming relatively soon.

Who do you hope to see the cover of? NBA 2K23 this year? And what new features would you like to see implemented? Let me know in the comments or message me on social media @MooreMan12

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