Mom with facial condition teaching sons to ‘ask questions kindly’

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Hannah teaches her boys to ask questions respectfully (Credit: SWNS)

A woman born with cystic hygroma — a condition in which multiple cysts grow — taught her adopted sons how to kindly ask questions.

Hannah Vaughn Setzer, 32, was left with “literally thousands” of cysts on her head and neck after she was born with the condition.

The mother of four claims that during one of her many surgeries after birth, doctors scooped handfuls of cysts from her head when they accidentally removed some of her facial nerves — preventing her from smiling.

Despite having both a feeding tube and a breathing tube as a newborn, Hannah has defied the medics by thriving.

In her teens, she learned to change her tube on her own and fend off cruel comments from strangers about her appearance.

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Now an advocate for the rights of people with disabilities — turning to health and fitness in adulthood — Hannah blogs her journey under the name Feeding Tube Fitness.

She has also adopted four children: two brothers aged 11, 12, 14 and 15.

She says how she teaches her sons that “it’s okay to ask questions,” but that they should “be nice” when they do.

Hannah, a business owner, from Richmond, Virginia, USA, said: ‘It has certainly been a long process to have the boys as part of our family, I am grateful for the opportunity to have them in my home – we are just like that Merry.

‘A lot has changed in my life. My husband and I have adopted four children.

“Their foster parents asked if we were adopting and of course we said yes.

Hannah said the adoption process took about a year, starting in 2021.

She said, “They were in our house for about a year before we could even begin the adoption process.

Hannah Vaughn Setzer, 32, and her husband, Brandon Vaughn Setzer, 33 (Credits: Hannah Vaughn Setzer/SWNS)

“There’s a lot of paperwork and stuff like that and we were so happy we could adopt.”

Hannah said she and her husband, Brandon, 33, a business owner, have always wanted to adopt.

She said: ‘We knew we wanted to be foster parents, we started the process in 2019 and we never expected to adopt, especially to adopt four children in two years.

“They are really so happy, we really love these guys and we are happy to give them a home.”

Disability rights advocate Hannah is passionate about educating people about her condition.

She said: ‘I am very honest about my disability.

“I never wanted to make them feel uncomfortable, we’ve always been very candid and honest and said they can ask me anything.

“I never wanted them to be uncomfortable with anything and they are all very patient, kind and accepting.

“We’ve certainly had a lot of conversations about being kind and respectful to everyone.

“They’re so good at it and very patient, they were all curious at the beginning and that’s okay.

“We’re just trying to have open and honest conversations about how everyone is different and this is what’s different about me.”

Hannah and Brandon both said they would like to adopt more children in the future.

She said, “There are always kids who need a good home and we have a good home, so we’re always open to sharing that with whoever needs it.”

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