Laver Cup 2022 LIVE: Roger Federer’s final match follows Andy Murray vs Alex De Minaur after protest

Emotional Roger Federer wishes he could ‘go on forever’ as he prepares to retire from tennis

A historic night of tennis awaits in London as Roger Federer retires from the sport and plays the last game of his career alongside Rafael Nadal in the Laver Cup. Federer, who will become arguably the greatest champion in tennis history, will retire at the age of 41 and the moment has brought the sport and its rivals together at the O2 Arena.

Federer’s wish to play his last game with his great rival Nadal has been granted and has organized a special occasion with Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray also competing for Team Europe. They will take on Team World, led by John McEnroe, and have lost all four previous editions of the match play-style event.

Three singles matches will be played prior to tonight’s doubles. Casper Ruud won the opening game of the day against Jack Sock 6-4 5-7 (10-7), followed by Stefanos Tsitsipas who crushed Diego Schwartzman 6-2 6-1 to double Europe’s lead.

However, the match was overshadowed by a bizarre protest against climate change in which a man set his arm on fire while standing on the pitch, wearing a t-shirt that read: “End UK Private Jets”.

Murray then takes on Alex De Minaur and the eyes of the world turn to Federer for the last time as the Swiss concludes his storied career. Follow live updates from the opening day of the Laver Cup below:


Laver Cup 2022: *Andy Murray 6-5 Alex De Minaur

Wonderful from Murray! He plays a brilliant backhand winner on the turn and passes De Minaur at the net! It takes Murray to 15-30 on De Minaur’s serve and he is also inches away from the dropshot winner.

Murray frames a forehand, but De Minaur can’t answer by stretching for the backhand. It sets up another deuce. This is another good chance for Murray, but he rattles a backhand into the net.

Instead, he produces another beautiful shot, this time a beautiful pick-up volley – but De Minaur sends the forehand winner right past him.

Yet De Minaur cannot get there. Murray cuts the power cord, bringing De Minaur to a stop before he plays the forehand pass! We go on…


Laver Cup 2022: Andy Murray 6-5 Alex De Minaur*

Murray raises his fist and snarls back at Federer and his teammates after clearing an overhead, but as with the previous point, he nets rather limp on the forehand.

Back to deuce – neither player has it easy to hold. But great hands from Murray at the end! He picks up a passionate answer from De Minaur, when the Australian then nets. Murray again shows a sign of relief when De Minaur nets again, he comes to six games.


Laver Cup 2022: *Andy Murray 5-5 Alex De Minaur

We are approaching an hour and heading towards a very long opening set. Those waiting for Federer’s final game may need to move their schedules a little longer…

The Minaur holds up without much fuss and now Murray is going to see if he can make the Australian serve to stay in the set again.


Laver Cup 2022: Andy Murray 5-4 Alex De Minaur*

Murray can work his way through his next service game, with the service getting him out of trouble again. However, he cannot hide the overhead from the net and do De Minaur takes him along in deuce.

De Minaur goes far from the return, but then Murray sets one from within the baseline. This time Murray gets out. He survives De Minaur from the baseline and comes forward one more time.


Laver Cup 2022: *Andy Murray 4-4 Alex De Minaur

The match comes to the ground with some sloppy points, but Murray manages to drag himself back to a deuce on De Minaur’s service. The Australian is still struggling to send Murray away, before Murray bids his time and then unleashes a brilliant crosscourt forehand winner!

Back to deuce, and De Minaur throws in a tight double foul… but then reacts with three aces. Nicely done.


Laver Cup 2022: Andy Murray 4-3 Alex De Minaur*

Murray delivers the serve he needs to get out from 15-30, before finding the hooked forehand to seal the hold and lead in the game. A much happier man, he goes back to his couch.


Laver Cup 2022: *Andy Murray 3-3 Alex De Minaur

From that magical moment De Minaur makes two nets after some clean play by Murray. It gives three break points and Murray takes the first! He roars at Federer, Nadal and Djokovic! Good stuff.


Laver Cup 2022: Andy Murray 2-3 Alex De Minaur*

Unbelievable from Murray! I can’t believe he just won that point! After being stampeded by De Minaur, chasing right and left and sending lobs, he makes his way back to the tip and lobs the Australian with his signature topspin, before pulling the overhead volley to the net! That was sublime, and Murray stops and stares and his couch, friends and rivals all.


Laver Cup 2022: Andy Murray 2-3 Alex De Minaur*

Murray will need stronger, more focused hitting to break De Minaur. The Australian is happy to play on the back foot, but that’s exactly what Murray does with an excellent forehand in the corner.


Laver Cup 2022: *Andy Murray 1-3 Alex De Minaur

That’s better from Murray. He adds more power to his groundstrokes and has some success against De Minaur, despite being 40-0 behind the Australian’s serve. Murray climbs back to deuce as De Minuar struggles with a few balls in the middle of the lane.

Winner! There’s a flash of ‘mon! from Murray as he places the backhand past De Minaur – and the Europabank soars! Murray thinks he’s crossed the backhand, but it’s just out.

The Minaur manages to wriggle out – thanks to a net cord.

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