LA News Anchor Mark Mester Fired After Declaring KTLA – Deadline

Mark Master was fired from LA television station KTLA for days after he was suspended for publicly berating his bosses for the way they handled the departure of co-host Lynette Romero.

According to the Los Angeles TimesKTLA general manager Janene Drafs announced at a newsroom meeting that Mester had been fired. The local news anchor page on KTLA now moves on to a news team page where Mester is no longer mentioned either.

Last week, Sam Rubin went on the air to read a statement from KTLA announcing that longtime news anchor Lynette Romero had left the station.

“After almost 24 years, Lynette Romero, our friend Lynette, has decided to move forward with anchoring our weekend morning news,” Rubin read. “KTLA management had hoped she would stay here for the rest of her career and KTLA has worked hard to make that possible, but Lynette has decided to look elsewhere.”

Romero was unable to say goodbye to the viewers and there was no farewell video package in her honor, which angered many loyalists.

Mester, who had anchored the news with Romero, took to the air to give her friend the proper goodbye and wish her the best with her new job and called out KTLA for the way the announcement was handled.

“What the viewers went through was rude, cruel, inappropriate and we are so sorry,” Mester said. “I also want to say sorry to Lynette Romero because, Lynette, I love you so much. You really are my best friend. You didn’t deserve what happened to you on Wednesday.”

Mester would later be suspended from his duties and KTLA later made the decision to cut ties with him.

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