Jeff Bezos crashes again with Biden government about inflation

The White House and Jeff Bezos have again argued about Joe Bidens Management of high inflation, since the founder of Amazon criticized the American president because he had called on companies to lower the prices at gas stations.

On Saturday, Biden tweeted A requirement that companies that manage gas pumps reduce rising fuel prices in “a time of war and worldwide danger”.

“Reduce the price you charge at the pump to reflect the cost you pay for the product. And do it now, “he wrote.

Later that day Bezos tweeted in response that: inflation Was “a far too important problem for the White House to keep making such statements”.

“It is either a direct deception or a deep wrong understanding of fundamental market dynamics,” said the third richest person in the world.

The next day, Karine Jean-Pierre, the chief of the White House, fired back on Twitter that the oil prices had fallen by around $ 15 last month, while prices at gas pumps “barely” had fallen, adding that it was a sign that the market “failure of American consumers”.

She added: “But I think it is not surprising that you think oil and gas companies use market power to achieve record profits at the expense of the American people, the way our economy should work.”

This is not the first pointed exchange between Bezos and the White House. The billionaire lashed out at the Biden government in May because of the failed Build Better law, which he believes could worsen inflation.

The proposed legislation was intended to increase taxes on wealthy private individuals and large companies to help finance expenditure on education, childcare and regulations to combat climate change.

The sharp increase in prices, which Biden has mainly attributed to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, has become a hot-button topic in American politics in the run-up to the interim elections in November.

It has also exacerbated tensions between the American business community and some democratic legislators, which have accused companies of price increase. But most economists claim that various factors have contributed to inflation pressure, including a post-Pandemic revival, bottlenecks in the supply chains and government stimuluses that have generated a high question, as well as the war in Ukraine.

The public spit between Bezos and the White House comes when the businessman performs his formerly rare use of Twitter after he resigned last year as CEO of Amazon.

John Kirby, the strategic communication coordinator of the National Security Council, said that he was “big exception” to accusations of deception when he was asked about the tweet of Bezos on Fox News Sunday.

Kirby added that the president had talked fairly about efforts to lower the prices of gas pumps, including the release of 1 million barrels of oil from the strategic reserves of the country.

Kirby added that Biden had been clear before the Russian invasion of Ukraine that supporting Kiev would not be “free for the American people”.

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