Ice Cube is still very angry about that movie he lost because he wouldn’t get the COVID vaccine

Ice Cube

Ice Cube
Photo: Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images for BIG3

Ice Cube wants you to know that he is still very angry about the COVID vaccine (which no one actually wanted from him)while expressing his refusal to get “the jab” – that is, a vaccine show – in a recent podcast interview to avoid infection from a virus that has killed millions of people – cost him $9 million, for which he is still very, to use not-his-words, pissed off.

Per VarietyCube addressed the subject in a recent episode of the Million Dollaraz in game podcast, reference a withdrawn offer to star in the Jack Black comedy Oh hell no that would have paid the $9 million, and it was withdrawn after he refused to get “the jab.” “Those bastards didn’t give it to me because I wasn’t going to get the shot,” Cube claimed. “I didn’t turn it down. They just wouldn’t give it to me.”

Shows the grasp of herd immunity, epidemiology and causality that we have come to expect from one of the main minds behind the Are we there yet? duology, Cube pointed out that because he never ended up getting COVID, no one should have expected him to get the vaccine.. “The covid shot, the jab… I didn’t need it. I didn’t understand that shit at all. Nothing. Fuck them. I didn’t need that mess.”

Cube’s refusal to get vaccinated led to Oh hell no‘s production apparently stalls; the film was pulled from Sony’s filming schedule in February 2022 and hasn’t moved since. Cube’s own filmography was also quite light during the pandemic period; he last appeared in Tracee Ellis Ross and Dakota Johnson’s The high note in 2020, and before that, opposite Charlie Day in Fistfight in 2017. “I don’t know how Hollywood feels about me right now,” he noted as part of the vaccine conversation.

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