Get a gaming keyboard, headset and mouse for $33

It can be very expensive to prepare to play PC games, not only because of the PC itself, but also because of accessories such as keyboards, mice and headsets. Fortunately, Amazon currently has a deal on an Orzly kit that includes all of these things, plus pads to put them on, for just $33.

You can choose from three colors for the bundle: black, white or pink. Prices aren’t the same everywhere, with the pink currently costing about $10 more than the other two. With support for PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch on the headset, you can also bring it directly from your PC to game on console whenever you want.

These accessories are definitely the best for someone new to PC gaming. You pay quite a bit more for premium headsets and other accessories. We’ve got you covered there too with our roundups of the best PC gaming headsets, keyboards and mice.

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