Games from Lords of Gaming that we are thankful for

Here at Lords of Gaming, we are dedicated writers who spend hours of our lives not just writing about the medium. But also games from the past and more today.

Every year gamers need to look back and remember why they got into gaming in the first place. Some can play casually for a few hours a day. Or play every game hardcore to get a taste of the gargantuan buffet today’s gaming landscape has to offer. Others even become prominent streamers, YouTubers, and even Esports competitors.

But why look back every now and then? To remember what you really loved then and what you still find attractive today about the medium in general. While some randomly picked up their first controller or needed an escape at some point in their lives, some gamers use the medium of video games to bond with people they know and love today. Below are some stories about the games we’re thankful for, from our writers to our editors.

Suikoden Series by Senior Staff Writer, Chris Jones

The game and series I’m most grateful for and I’m sure anyone who knows me can guess Sugars 2 and the Suikoden Series. Growing up I was always playing games, from baseball on Sega Game Gear to Excite bike, Mario, and others on NES and beyond. I’d say I never really appreciated games and gaming until the first time I saw it Suikoden game when my birth mother was playing Sugars 2. Once I got into a role, she struggled through and defeated that I was interested in it. Sugars 2 really grabbed me and made me understand the job and get an appreciation for what went into a video game.

From the music that helps me understand the importance of situations that arise even as a child, to the amazing cast of characters in each game with unique stories that they bring to the table to help the hero. Even now countless hours have been put into the series so that I can get lost in a world and relax. Especially during the holidays and free time from school or work, sharing the memories of these games with friends and family is something I have always loved to do. Without Sugars 2 and the Suikoden series, I wouldn’t have fallen in love with gaming and wouldn’t be the person I am today. So I’m thankful for that Sugars 2.

The Unsung Heroes of the Open-Source Community by Senior Staff Writer, Eugene Schaffmeir

Today I am thankful for the Open-Source community. This summer, before my Steam Deck could even arrive, an entire collective had already migrated and documented the open-source Linux tools I use. No mega corporations, no names, no faces, no money, these people took free days of their lives to make others better. A thankless effort that has been consistent in the games industry since the beginning of the internet. Thanks to an entire community of strangers for preserving retro games.

The community’s efforts didn’t stop with the Steam Deck. This month, a group called Insignia brought Xbox Live back to the original Xbox for Xbox Live’s 20th anniversary. They just did this for fun. Meanwhile, the Cyberpunk 2077 community has maintained over 4,000 mods this year. Many of these mods are aimed at improving the game with minor tweaks.

With that I thank the ungrateful.

The Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild, by Raphael Oppenheimer

Sometimes people lose touch with gaming, either because of less free time as the vagaries of adulthood consume more and more of the limited hours of the day, or because they feel they have outgrown the activity. Personally, I experienced the former as I allowed less and less time with video games until one day I finally stopped playing altogether. It wasn’t an abrupt end, but suddenly a decade had passed and I hadn’t bought a new console or played much of anything outside of a social gathering.

Breath of the Wild

I am very grateful for this The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. 2019 was a difficult year for me professionally and personally. I struggled with the typical 60+ hour workweeks I had to maintain and wondered if I could afford to stay in my apartment when I lost my roommate. On a whim I bought a Nintendo Switch and a game in March, Breath of the Wild. The Legend of Zelda had been a mainstay since childhood and I had previously always looked forward to playing the latest release. But at that point I hadn’t played any games in the series since Twilight Princess and didn’t know what to expect.

Although it’s not a perfect game, Breath of the Wild brought me back to the childlike wonder I experienced through video games and helped me contextualize the stress in my life. Since then I’ve re-dedicated myself to the hobby and have had great experiences with the games I’ve been missing for the past ten years. But that’s thanks to the re-ignited spark I got The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Ready 2 Rumble Boxing, from editor-in-chief Mahmood Ghaffar

One of the games I will be eternally grateful for is Ready 2 Rumble Boxing on the Sega Dreamcast. I was lucky enough to save up and get the console at launch, but since I didn’t have a driver’s license and wanted to be there for the midnight release on 9/9/1999, my oldest brother took me.

When we got home, we tried to boot sonic adventure, but it didn’t work. Turns out the game suffered from widespread disk issues. So my brother and I stayed behind Done 2 Rumble. And boy, was it perfect. We had an absolute blast and forgot the time and played all the way into the morning. We learned a lot of new tactics and strategies to outdo each other.

My brother is 9 years older than me and the age difference was noticeable when we were younger. But Done 2 Rumble hit that rift and it brought us closer together. It is a fond memory that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

Destiny 2 by Review Editor Josh Reding

We’ve written a lot about this at Lords of Gaming Destiny. After all, it’s the game that launched our sister show the Iron Lords Podcast, and is directly responsible for the creation of this website. Still, all the lore diving and news updates and podcasts can’t adequately convey the importance of the game to me. Four years ago, my brother, Jake, was deployed to the Middle East as part of his Army National Guard duties. He was there for a whole year and missed so much of his newborn sons growing up. My wife and I were lucky enough to live in England at the time, which allowed us to be within a reasonable number of time zones for my brother. That time proved to be invaluable.

Lot 2
My wife and I spent countless hundreds of hours conducting strikes, raids, and doing crucible quests, keeping my brother company while he was deployed. He worked long hours but still found time to play with us on his terrible wifi. It was a time I never would have had with my brother and we made great friends in the robbery community. Our Sherpa, Christopher Page, became one of my best friends. Lot 2 is an exceptional game because it has brought me closer to some of my favorite people in the world. It’s the game I’m most thankful for.

Fable and Warframe from assistant editor, Joseph Repko

I had a lot of problems growing up. Because my parents marriage fell apart when I was 8 and had to start the working life that I still have 6 years later. I had a lot to process between not being able to go to school and not having the freedom or joy that most of my peers had at their age. When my eldest brother George also had to start working at a young age. I basically took over the Xbox he bought and started playing the original Fable to take my mind off my rotting family at the time.

Playing with gold in April

Although this sounds like a sob story if Fable wasn’t there for me to constantly play in the world of Albion. Maybe I’ve ended up in a worse state of life than I am now, or I’ll probably end up in a modern news story. The morals you learn at a young age take you into adult life and unfortunately I didn’t have much guidance outside of that game. Now Lionhead is unfortunately not here either. Thank you for everything to keep me sane then.

Moving to 2016, when Destiny was at an all-time low for Rise of Iron. My friend Logan got fed up with my complaining and led me to a game I play daily and even write about now, War frame. It wasn’t just the free-flowing stealth action gameplay. Or the endless variety in its weapons and warframes. Or even the great story and soundtrack. It was the almost perfect mix of all these elements that made me realize that I didn’t have to be endlessly toxic towards a live service game in its rest periods and just enjoy other games. Crazy, right?

Warframe engine

I will always be grateful to George and Logan for being there to lead me to happier places. As well as filled with excitement for the new Fable. As well as The Duviri Paradox for War frame. But if it weren’t for Lords of Gaming and the amazing crew filled with endlessly talented writers. I wouldn’t even share this story with theirs.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, and apologies to our Canadian readers for not having a similar article during your celebrations. Thank you for your continued support!

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