Fauziah Ibrahim: ABC Weekend Breakfast host stuns audience with awkward ‘button’ joke

An ABC newscaster finds herself in a tricky position after she made a bold comment live.

Weekend breakfast co-host Fauziah Ibrahim stunned viewers on Sunday morning during a segment about the Ig Nobel Prize.

The discussion of the satirical awards, led by the ‘scientific humor magazine’ the Annals of Improbable Research, caused viewers’ bewilderment and the guest of the program lost his words when Ibrahim made an awkward comment about one of the winners.

Along with co-host Johanna Nicholson, the trio discussed this year’s highlights of the satirical event, which celebrates 10 unusual or trivial achievements in scientific research. This year’s winners were a team of Japanese researchers led by Professor Gen Matsuzaki, who won the engineering prize for investigating the optimal way to turn a doorknob.

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After observing video footage of 32 volunteers turning 47 doorknobs of various sizes, the research team concluded that the larger the knob, the more fingers it took to turn it.

“(They also discovered that) there is a limit to the size and shape of the doorknob,” the show’s guest added when explaining the research to the co-hosts.

In resp, Ibrahim weighed in with a comment that some viewers interpreted as a little suggestive.

“Well, in personal experience, sometimes you need two hands to handle a big button,” she seemed to joke.

The show’s guest seemed taken aback, stuttering “uh” and “yes” before saving the segment by explaining how the research will help society.

“I think (it) is something important in terms of looking at the way we interact with the world and of course it’s important for people with disabilities or older people who might need a little help with the design,” she said. . .

Ibrahim’s attempt to include some suggestive banter in the segment didn’t go unnoticed, with many viewers taking to social media to wonder if they heard her comment correctly.

‘I thought I had imagined that. ‘From personal experience’ she said…excellent,” tweeted a viewer from Sydney.

“I had it playing in the background and couldn’t believe it @ABC – brilliant!” a second viewer responded.

“Fauziah Ibrahim op #ABC News Channel, on (a) segment on the Ig Nobel Prize for research on doorknobs dimensions, is trying to be funny… Nothing but class,” commented a third.

But others were far from impressed and didn’t see the funny side of the presenter’s joke.

“I swear like a navy, but that wasn’t the time nor the place,” one viewer tweeted.

Meanwhile, one Reddit user posted: “Had to do a double take. Awkward look.”

A second Reddit user wished the network had gone to the news desk at the time of comment, rather than continue playing a view of an interview with the researchers.

“Well, I think it’s funny, especially with the awkward reactions of the others. It would be funnier if we had the agency’s feed at that point,” said the.

It is not the first time that Ibrahim has become entangled in the public debate.

Earlier this year, the news host came under fire after it was discovered she had two controversial lists on her personal Twitter account labeled “Labor Trolls/Thugs” and “Lobotomised sh**heads”.

She has since deleted her Twitter account.

News.com.au has contacted ABC News Breakfast for comment.

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