Famous Government Buildings

Countries around the world locate their governments and related departments in the most splendid buildings. It is the people in these buildings who are responsible for making the decisions that their country will both economically and politically benefit from. A lot of these buildings have been playing the same role for centuries and so their reputation and history has made them points of interest for visitors into their city.

London with the parliament buildings that are found overlooking the River Thames in the heart of the capital city. The Houses of Parliament have been responsible for making decisions that over the centuries have affected the United Kingdom. In fact when the country had its Empire many of the decisions being made were influencing large parts of the world.

The Houses of Parliament in London

There are two houses of parliament. Firstly the House of Commons is where democratically elected members of Parliament reside. They will either support the government or be against it but it is in these chambers that the decisions are made that will influence the nation’s policies.

Once a decision is made then has to be voted in the House of Lords. The members of this house are not elected and consist Lords and Peers. The idea is that this house will stop any extreme policies being passed that the country will regret at a later date.

Visitors have the opportunity to visit both houses in the Palace of Westminster. The palace was first built in the 11th century but during the years it was destroyed by fires in both 1512 and 1834. The Royal family used to reside there until they relocated to Buckingham Palace that was built in 1703.

The government headquarters of the United States is found in Washington DC and the main buildings are called the United States Congress. The congress consists of 100 senators who sit in the Senate and 435 Representatives, who sit in the House of Representatives. For acts to be passed they must be ratified by both houses.

Capitol Hill in Washington DC

They both sit in the United States Capitol which is located on the eastern end of the national Mall in Washington. The building was completed in 1800 and is a destination for many visitors to the Capital City. Only two miles away is the White House which is the official residence of the President of the United States.

It was also built in 1800 and it was first occupied by President John Adams. Despite being set on fire by the British in the Burning of Washington in 1814, every US president since it was first built has resided at the building, which address is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW.

The Kremlin in Moscow is famed as being the residence of the President of Russia. It is also home to the people who run the government of the country including general secretaries, ministers and commissars. The site has been occupied since the 2nd century but first became known as the Kremlin in the 14th century.

It was completely rebuilt at the end of the 15th century but during the 18th century the Tsars moved the capital to St Petersburg and the Kremlin fell into a poor condition. After the Russian Revolution in 1917 Moscow became the Capital City and both Lenin and Stalin took residence in the Kremlin. Since this time the Kremlin has risen in importance and is now home to all of the Russian governmental matters.

The parliament in France is slightly different from the ones found in the United States and the United Kingdom. They have two houses but they are located in different areas of Paris. The Senate is the upper house and is comprised of territorial collectives that are voted in by elected officials. They are housed in the Luxemburg Palace.

The lower house, the National Assembly is found in the Palais Bourbon on the bank of the River Seine. These are the elected officials that are led by a president, and this is where the most passionate debates are being held. The Palais Bourbon was built in 1722 by the French aristocracy but was nationalized during the French revolution of 1795.

The leading government buildings around the world are some of the finest buildings that have experienced a full and interesting history.

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