Family Receives 40k ArriveCAN Related Fines, The Democracy Fund Takes Their Legal Battle For Free

Chris Garrah was the visionary behind “Adopt a Trucker,” a group of people who worked together to provide necessities such as food and shelter for the truckers demonstrating during The Great Canadian Trucker Convoy protest. This protest in Ottawa lasted for three weeks until Canada’s authoritative regime led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau de emergency law to wipe out the peaceful but loud demonstration.

More recently, Garrah traveled to the US to attend his daughter’s wedding with his family, and they were fined $37,530 in Quarantine Act-related fines for refusing to download the digitally invasive ArriveCAN app or participate in the discriminatory selective PCR testing for unvaccinated travelers.

“We were fined because we truly believe that we are Canadian citizens who should be able to enter their own country unhindered, it’s right on the passport,” Garrah explained to me when I interviewed him about the tyrannical fines.

I spoke to Garrah in Vancouver after his family traveled by car from Ottawa to hand out certificates that he gives humanitarian awards to Canadians who his volunteer group believes have played an important role in the fight to restore freedoms in Canada.

Garrah and his family stood up and helped the truck drivers as they took their epic stance for freedom, and now Canadians can do the same for them. Our charitable partners at The Democracy Fund have agreed to provide the Garrahs with free legal advice and cover all costs to fight these outrageous fines, but they need your help to do so. By donating to, you can make a contribution to help cover the costs so that the Garrahs can continue their good work without the stress of trying to figure out how to defend the actions they should have taken .

You can also click here to sign our petition to end this ArriveCAN madness.

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