Ex-footballer has ‘narcissistic personality disorder’, says ex-partner Kate Greville

Chris Daw QC for the defendant began cross-examination of Kate Greville.

Chris Daw, QC (CD): I’m asking you about the broad history of the relationship with Mr. Giggs, involving coercion and control. It’s your point of view that he basically almost manipulated you into getting into a relationship, were there mind games?

Kate Greville (KG): I was vulnerable, I was in a vulnerable position and he took advantage of that.

CD: Is the broad answer yes?

KG: Based on vulnerabilities, yes.

CD: These weren’t two consenting adults to have an affair?

KG: There was a certain amount of imbalance on my side because of the situation I was in with my ex-husband.

CD: That he had an extraordinary level of control over your life?

KG: Certain elements of my life

CD: Friendships?

KG: He damaged relationships with my friends, yes, and isolated me from certain people.

CD: Contact with family?

KG He had a negative impact on relationships with my family, yes.

CD: That’s a slightly different point. Did he stop you from seeing them?

KG: He intervened…

CD: That he has repeatedly used violence?

KG: Repeatedly‚Ķ it wasn’t normal. There were certain parts. It wasn’t constant violence, not regular, there were times in our relationship when it was violent.

CD: Undermined self-confidence, self-esteem?

KG: So yes, generally he was, but on the other hand it was like two extremes, sometimes he was and sometimes he gave me the confidence. It wasn’t always terrible, but hot and cold, two different people, which made me feel two extremes,

CD: In general he did?

KG: The result of his behavior in doing so, left me with no confidence, made me insecure.

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