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Dame Deborah James’ husband has shared details of his wife’s “incredibly peaceful” final moments in his first interview since her death.

Dame Deborah, also known for her social media handle Bowel Babe, died on June 28 at age 40 after a long battle with colon cancer.

Sebastian Bowen married the former deputy head teacher in France in 2008 and the couple share two children, 14-year-old Hugo and 12-year-old Eloise.

“I kissed her on the head. I told her how much I loved her, that I would take care of the children and the last thing I said to her was that I was so proud of her,” he told The Sun.

“Then she slipped away. She had an incredibly peaceful death, if there was a way to die well, she succeeded,” he added.

“In the end it was quite spiritual.”

Dame Deborah, who was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2016, kept her one million Instagram followers updated about her treatments, posting candid videos and photos of her progress.

Two years later, she launched the You, Me And The Big C podcast with Lauren Mahon and Rachel Blandwhere the trio candidly discussed life with cancer.

In May of this year, she revealed that she had stopped active treatment and that she… receiving end-of-life care at her parents’ home in Woking.

In recognition of her campaign, she became a lady later that month, with the Duke of Cambridge joins her family for afternoon tea to bestow the honor in person.

Photo: @Bowelbabe/Instagram

Speaking about his wife’s achievements during the last months of her life, Mr Bowen said: “I am in awe of Debs, I am in awe of what she did and how she went about it.

He also revealed her “magic” and “way to find joy in every moment” is what he misses most about his wife.

“It was at the heart of what made her unique,” he said.

Photo: @Bowelbabe/Instagram
Photo: @Bowelbabe/Instagram

Despite being given days to live, Dame Deborah defied the odds and lived just over seven weeks longer.

“People who didn’t know Debs saw her getting weaker in recent weeks, but mentally it was the opposite,” Bowen continued.

“Fighting the fires of adversity made her stronger and, in my eyes, made her more radiant with each passing day.

“I’ve never loved her so much. She knew what was happening to her, but she was still able to find those magical moments.”

Deborah James left her home for the first time in ten days
Photo: @Bowelbabe/Instagram

Since Dame Deborah shared her end of life, charities noted: a wave of people seeking information about colon cancer.

Shortly before her death, she also announced that she had completed her second book, How To Live When You Could Be Dead, which will be released on August 18.

Her first book, F*** You Cancer: How To Face The Big C, Live Your Life And Still Be Yourself, was published in 2018.

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