Chainsaw Man Roars to Life in New Trailer

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Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Breakthrough Manga chainsaw man is an incredibly gory gorefest that balances its gonzo premise with deeply heartfelt, emotional character arcs. Originally serialized in Shonen Jump Starting in 2018, the series is a violent exposition about human fear and the deals we make with our own devils. Studio MAPPA adapts the manga to a serialized anime and all the trailers so far have been absolutely wild, and this latest one is no exception. Warning: the following trailer is very explicit.

Chainsaw Man – Official 3rd Trailer / “Chainsaw Man” Official PV 3rd

The story follows Denji, a teenager who lives with a Chainsaw Devil named Pochita. Devils incarnate in the human world as a manifestation of people’s fears. Because of the debt left behind by his father, Denji scrapes corpses from the sidewalk to make ends meet. Denji is betrayed and mortally wounded, but when he is about to die, he makes a deal with Pochita and is rescued. He becomes the partially devilish destroyer, “Chainsaw Man.”

Full disclosure, I have the . Unread chainsaw man manga. I’m not a big manga fan, or even a comic book fan; I enjoy getting them, but I’m not going to go to the comic book store and make a pick-up list, you know? What I will say is that I love animated movies, and this bad boy looks like incredible. It just looks insane enough to make me interested, as there’s clearly a lot of pathos when it comes to these characters’ struggles as they try to cope with the changes happening both within and around them.

Nor do I intend to turn my nose up at the crew leading this project. Ryu Nakayama directs and Hiroshi Seko (Mob Psycho 100) writes the screenplay. The art directors and character designers have also worked on some great pieces, such as Vinland Saga, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Black clover. The music will probably be spectacular too, as wellKensuke Ushio (A Silent Voice, Devilman Crybaby) is scheduled to work on the score.

chainsaw man will air on Crunchyroll sometime in October.

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