Chelsea: Paolo Di Canio beats Romelu Lukaku for bad record in the big game | american football

Romelu Lukaku’s return to Chelsea last season was a disaster (Picture: Getty) Former Premier League striker Paolo Di Canio has the former Chelsea striker Romelu Lukaku, citing his poor record in big games. Lukaku returned to Chelsea from Inter Milan last summer for a club record £97.5million, but returned to Inter on loan just a … Read more

10 Most Underrated Roblox Games

Roblox is one of the largest free-to-play gaming platforms available. With the ability for anyone to create their own unique title on the platform, this leads to thousands of possible games to play and all sorts of genres to choose from. Whether you’re more interested in parkour games, or want to play something based on … Read more

Gambling and Gambling Glossary | to live

Below are a few gaming and gambling terms you might use here on a casino floor: snake eyes: Two rolls of the dice. Effort: A single bet of money on a game. bankroll: Your amount of money set aside for gambling. Action: The game on the casino floor. ante: A bet before each player receives … Read more

10 Best RPG Maker Games, Ranked

Video games don’t always have to be created on a state-of-the-art engine by huge corporate studios. Some of the most innovative, stunning and serious games come from individual developers or small teams equipped with cheap resources and endless passion. Indie games have truly earned their place in the industry through blood, sweat and tears. RELATED: … Read more

Canada’s largest telecom company is back online, but questions remain

Update 7/9/22: According to AP Report (opens in new tab), Rogers Communications has restored power to “the vast majority” of customers after a 15-hour blackout that affected nearly all of Canada. The company has apologized for the disruption, but has still not provided an explanation as to why internet access, mobile communications, payment processing and … Read more

LilyPichu Leaves Twitch for YouTube Gaming

LilyPichu will now stream exclusively on YouTube, the creator, artist, musician and voice actress of OfflineTV announced on Thursday. Details of the exclusivity agreement were not made public. The announcement was made through LilyPichu’s social media channels, complete with a personal, professional trailer similar to others who have moved to the YouTube Gaming platform in … Read more