Deshaun Watson settles case with NFL: QB suspended 11 games and fined after closing deal

The Cleveland Browns finally know how many games Deshaun Watson will miss this season after the quarterback reached a settlement with the NFL on Thursday. CBS Sports NFL Insiders Josina Anderson and Jonathan Jones have reported that Watson will be banned for 11 games, which is a big increase on the six-game suspension that it … Read more

Cleveland Browns quarterback DeShaun Watson banned for 11 games, fine

Watson recently apologized to “all the women I influenced in this situation” but had previously claimed that he had “no regrets” for his actions during massage sessions where the alleged misconduct took place. “I am grateful that the disciplinary process has ended and am deeply grateful for the tremendous support I have received during my … Read more

Boyfriend ripped for demanding partner ditched gaming PC cat: ‘Got To Go’

Internet commentators were outraged after a cat owner revealed why their 14-year-old friend suddenly demanded that they get rid of their beloved pet. In a viral Reddit post published on the popular “AmITheA**hole” forum, Redditor told u/cathaircomputer (aka the original poster or OP) that their cat’s fur routinely drifts into their friend’s expensive gaming console, … Read more

Corsair HS65 Surround review: a lightweight, reliable gaming headset

Pros Great sound quality Dolby 7.1CH virtual surround sound Good microphone Comfortable PC and console compatibility cons Unable to enable surround sound with consoles No windscreen for microphone is included SoundID test is confusing intro The Corsair HS65 Surround is a simplified, mid-range gaming headset that offers high-quality construction, excellent audio and no-nonsense connectivity. The … Read more