Better Call Saul: Inside the Series Finale with Bob Odenkirk, Rhea Seehorn and Peter Gould

Warning! Spoilers follow for the entire series Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad and El Camino. Simply put, Better Call Saul’s series finale is a ‘masterpiece’ as creators Peter Gould and Vince Gilligan bid farewell to the Breaking Bad universe in ‘one of the most satisfying, cathartic and deserved endings for a TV show in years’ … Read more

Bosch & Rockit is a tender coming-of-age story and showcase for Luke Hemsworth

Australians love to be obsessed with the Hemsworths. The aesthetically blessed brood has exported two superstars who have graced some of Hollywood’s biggest franchises, while everyone at home frantically follows every shoeless move in the Byron Bay area. Whether spotted surfing the beach or flexing their bulging muscles on Instagram, the Hemsworths have become their … Read more

Linda Evangelista poses for British Vogue with tape and elastic holding her face after being left ‘disfigured’ | Ents & art news

Linda Evangelista – one of the fashion industry’s most famous faces of the 1990s – has described her face being held back with tape and elastic for a photo shoot with British Vogue. The Canadian supermodel claimed she was left “permanently disfigured” and “brutally disfigured” from a cosmetic fat freezing procedure last September. The 57-year-old … Read more

Anne Heche warned Portia de Rossi about Ellen DeGeneres

Anne Heche recalled telling Portia de Rossi not to chase her ex-girlfriend, Ellen DeGeneres, on a 2021 episode of her Better Together podcast with Heather Duffy. In the YouTube video, Heche recalled how she “warned” de Rossi not to start a relationship with the comedian. Heche and DeGeneres dated for three years before a public … Read more

‘It’s so otherworldly, I’ve never heard anything like it’: folk collective Heilung when recording the world’s oldest song | folk music

AAbout 300,000 years ago (give or take a few millennia), the human larynx collapsed, an evolutionary advance as essential to separating us from the apes as the development of opposable thumbs and a large cerebral cortex. It meant that our throats got bigger, which allowed us to let the sounds we could make go beyond … Read more