Britain is falling apart, it could finish the Tories

Beyond the chaos at Westminster, Britain is falling apart. Eventually, possibly sooner rather than later, order will be restored in SW1. But whoever takes over will have a much bigger mess to clean up than the current state of our government. Anyone who has been to Britain in recent months can feel it, that sense … Read more

We need US industry to face the next global food crisis

Economic conditions are causing food supply problems worldwide, with prices at their highest point in 40 years and still rising. Reasons for the restrictions range from anomaly to ongoing COVID disruption to geopolitical maelstroms, yet predict one undeniable outcome: Without a concerted course correction, the world will be staring at a global food crisis across … Read more

Fear of recession cannot contain the commodity boom

Earlier this week, raw Brent fell below $100 a barrel for the first time in months. So did West Texas Intermediate† Copper fell to its lowest level in nearly two years. It seemed that inflation had done its bad deed. A recession was coming and the demand for commodities was about to fall. And then … Read more

PEI’s unemployment rate hits rock bottom

CHARLOTTETOWN, PEI — The PEI unemployment rate fell to 4.9 percent in June, the lowest figure since Statistics Canada began collecting national unemployment data. Statistics Canada’s June Labor Force Survey found that the unemployment rate in the province fell 2.7 percentage points from May. Not only is the unemployment rate the lowest in the province … Read more

Penny Mordaunt will deliver the new economic vision Britain needs

The new prime minister must unveil a pro-growth and unabashedly pro-business economic outlook. Based on a credible fiscal strategy that maintains public finances and reduces the budget deficit over time, plus a supply-side agenda that revitalizes small businesses and helps people live well. It’s a strategy that requires pushing back treasury orthodoxy, plus ensuring that … Read more

Economic fears keep retirees’ pandemic-era plans to continue operating

Yacobchuk | Istock | Getty Images What is pension? When does it start? And how has Covid-19 affected Americans’ retirement plans? An ongoing survey of American retirees and near-retirees suggests that there is a wide range of opinions about these fundamental questions and a rapidly changing perspective on what retirement will look like in the … Read more

Australia property prices: $20 billion spending backfires, exposing a glaring flaw

A decade-long effort involving tens of billions of taxpayer dollars has failed to resolve our housing crisis. This is why. Australian governments’ multi-billion dollar efforts to help first-time homebuyers enter the property market have been stymied by a glaring flaw, which has only pushed up house prices and put those most in need of help … Read more

Nancy Pelosi goes on lavish Italian vacation as home inflation hits 40-year high

NEW ONESYou can now listen to Fox News articles! House Speaker Nancy Pelosi spent time during the July 4 two-week congressional recess at a swanky Italian resort owned by a famous Italian operatenor as Americans faced the country’s highest inflation rate since the 1980s. Pelosi, a multimillionaire and the first Italian-American speaker, was spotted at … Read more

Tory turmoil keeps Bank of England in limbo on how to handle crisis | bank of england

Bank of England officials will follow closely the progress of the race to replace Boris Johnson as Tory leader and prime minister. In normal times, central banks would pay little attention to the political swings that preoccupy politicians in Westminster’s tea rooms and bars. These are not normal times. Inflation has reached 9.1% and banking … Read more

Inside #EconTwitter’s Takeover of White House Posts

The new government roles would almost certainly limit the participation of prominent members of the unofficial group that carries its own hashtag – #EconTwitter. But what was less appreciated at the time was how their presence within the administration would lead an overhaul in communicating the details and nuances of the most critical economic data … Read more