US natural gas storage sees minimal injection as exports soar

The United States lagged far behind market expectations, adding just 18 billion cubic feet to its natural gas supplies for the week ending Aug. 12, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) noted in its weekly natural gas inventory report on Thursday. The slow injection rate for the week, compared to expectations of about 30 Bcf, pushed … Read more

Consumer confidence bottoms amid ‘acute concerns’ over cost of living | Business news

Consumer confidence is at an all-time low, according to new research, in the face of “acute concerns” about the rising cost of living and the bleak economic outlook. GfK’s consumer confidence barometer, which has been running since 1974, provides a monthly snapshot of the public mood on key economic issues. The group index fell three … Read more

Small Businesses, Freelancers Fear IRS Agents Will Target Them First: Hurts ‘The Littlest Among Us’

Tax Executive Committee chairman Jan Lewis discusses how the middle class and small business could be impacted by new IRS funding on ‘Cavuto: Coast to Coast’. After the Congressional Budget Office reported that 78 to 90% of revenue from new audits under the Inflation Reduction Act will come from families earning less than $200,000 a … Read more

Cash flows Chinese real estate developers have fallen by more than 20%

Analysts generally expect state-owned companies to outperform non-government developers in the latest real estate crisis. Pictured here in Guangxi, China, on August 15, 2022, is a real estate complex developed by the state conglomerate Poly Group. Future publication | Future publication | Getty Images BEIJING — Chinese real estate developers’ cash flows — a sign … Read more

Inflation hits Canadian middle-income earners hardest

Inflation in Canada may have eased slightly in July, but at 7.6 percent, no Canadian family can avoid the high prices — and middle-income households are likely to get the worst of it, according to an analysis by TD Economics. According to the bank’s economists, inflation for middle-income households is 8.1 percent, the highest for … Read more

What problem does Liz Truss’ plan solve for regulators? | Nils Pratley

lAfter a world of rising energy bills, polluted rivers, labor shortages, falling levels of business investment, strikes and underfunded health care, thank you for small benefits. In any case, we are not concerned that the banks will go bankrupt. That assumption wasn’t necessarily safe when Covid hit in early 2020. Share prices of companies like … Read more

How Much Does Inflation Cost Nevadans? $805 a month

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Nevada inflation reached 6.8% this month, according to a recent Congressional report. Statistics from the Joint Economic Committee (JEC) show the rate rising from 6.2% in the previous month. In the past 12 months, inflation rose by only 1.2%. The rapid rise is hitting Nevadans in the wallet. Inflation is affecting … Read more

Average full-time wages in Australia rise to $92,000 as workers in every sector suffer a cut in real wages

Australians earning less than $92,000 a year are now officially considered below-average incomes – as wages in every sector lag behind the rising cost of living. The median full-time weekly wage was $1,769.80 in May, the Bureau of Statistics has revealed. That means those who work at least 35 hours a week and earn less … Read more

People don’t cut corners on tips, even when inflation is rising

Chef Alessandro Pirozzi, of Alessa by Chef Pirozzi, talks to customers at an outdoor table on the Promenade on Forest in Laguna Beach, CA on Wednesday, January 13, 2021. Paul Bersebach | MediaNews Group | Getty Images Even as restaurants and fast food chains raise menu prices, customers aren’t pulling back on tips to wait … Read more

Falling US house prices ‘not nearly bottoming yet’: economist

A decline in US home sales and prices is likely just beginning, a prominent economist warned Thursday. Ian Shepherdson, chief economist at Pantheon Macroeconomics, said in a letter to clients that the recent housing market slump “is nowhere near bottoming, especially for prices.” His forecast came after existing home sales fell 5.9% in July to … Read more