Councilor’s call to shut down Rochester nightlife at midnight to stamp out drunken fights and rowdy behavior

A city’s nighttime economy must be curtailed to deal with the drunken revelers who indulge in rowdy and antisocial behavior. That is the view of Cllr Stuart Tranter, who believes that while Rochester is a “leisure focus”, there should be a cut-off point around midnight. Casino Rooms in Rochester High Street will remain open until … Read more

RBA: Aussies warn of third consecutive 50 basis point cash rate hike

A day after interest rates were raised for the third month in a row, millions of homeowners have been warned of a triple blow. Homeowners have been warned to brace themselves for a trespass of a third 0.5 percentage point hike in cash interest rates next month amid looming price hikes for gasoline, fruits and … Read more

Staff shortages lead to restaurant closures and shorter opening hours

The Restaurant Association of Nova Scotia believes that staff shortages have reached a critical level. “When it gets critical in hospitals, they close emergency departments,” said Gordon Stewart, executive director of the Restaurant Association of Nova Scotia. “Well, restaurants close for days, hours.” Stewart said that despite offering higher wages and benefits, many companies struggle … Read more

Investor issues warning of new technical ‘bubble’

The recent tech rally may be doomed to fail. Richard Bernstein Advisors’ money manager Dan Suzuki warns that the market is far from bottoming out — and it’s a concept investors don’t understand, especially when it comes to names for growth, technology and innovation. “The two certainties in today’s world of uncertainty are that earnings … Read more

“Beautiful Collapse of Confidence:” Consumers Losing Confidence in Energy Markets

Consumers have lost confidence in the energy market and their confidence that the industry is working in their best interest has plummeted due to the ongoing market crisis, rising costs and concerns about system resilience. The decline in confidence in both the electricity and gas markets is captured in the latest Energy Consumer Sentiment Survey, … Read more

Putin will kill Russia’s oil and gas economy and Ukraine will eventually get stronger

TOPSHOT – The mother of Ukrainian soldier Lubomyr Hudzeliak, who was killed during the Russian invasion † [+] Ukraine, mourns his flag-draped coffin during his burial at Lychakiv Cemetery, in the western Ukrainian city of Lviv on April 6, 2022. – Nearly 35,000 Ukrainians fled west in 24 hours to escape the Russian war in … Read more

How Wall Street Escaped the Crypto Meltdown

Only a small fraction of Goldman’s customers were eligible to buy crypto-linked investments through the bank, said Mary Athridge, a spokeswoman for Goldman Sachs. Clients had to go through a “live training” session and testify that they had received warnings from Goldman about the risks of the assets. Only then were they allowed to deposit … Read more