Burnaby RCMP Investigating Hockey Player Reportedly Kicked On The Head With Skate

Burnaby RCMP say they are investigating an alleged assault during an adult hockey game in Scotia Barn, formerly Burnaby 8 Rinks, on Friday, July 29.

In a written statement, the police say they have received a copy of a video showing a player who appears to be kicking another player’s head with his skate. The incident was reported on Tuesday, August 2.

Police investigate apparent skate kick to face during rec league hockey fight

Burnaby RCMP is investigating an alleged assault involving a player in an adult hockey league who allegedly used his skate to kick another player during a fight on the ice, resulting in the need for medical treatment.

“The victim … needed medical treatment,” said Cpl. Mike Kalanj. “Burnaby RCMP continues to investigate the circumstances and actions that led to the player’s injuries.”

The Adult Safe Hockey League (ASHL) said it was aware of the incident and has suspended the player indefinitely.

“We will continue to ensure that such incidents are handled with appropriate additional discipline, including the possibility of a player being permanently expelled from the competition,” the statement said.

Police say they are still in talks with players and witnesses.

Strict Consequences

Saul Miller, a performance and sports psychologist and author of eight books, including: Hockey Tough: Winning a Mental Gamesays hockey leagues should introduce tougher penalties and consequences for people who commit violence on the ice.

“A Way to Check” [fighting in hockey] is to give tougher penalties to people who fight… so it’s discouraging for the player and for his team,” Miller told the CBCs. BC today.

He said the league has taken the appropriate action by immediately suspending the player.

“If you’ve violated the good intentions and sense of the game, you’re out,” he said. “Tougher penalties are definitely the way to get this under control.”

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