Beck Wished He’d Let “Weird Al” Yankovic Parody “Loser”


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Even a long, fulfilling career will undoubtedly have its share of regrets. In front of Hintsuch a misstep has haunted him for more than two decades: don’t allow it “Weird Al” Yankovic to parody his 1994 breakthrough hit “Loser.”

The veteran musician recently sat down with Audible Original’s Words + Music podcast to look back at his extensive body of work. In addition to sharing a re-recorded version of “Loser,” Beck remembers the making of the song, as well as the aftermath of its surprising success.

‘Weird Al’ Yankovic tried to make a version of it, it would be called ‘Schmoozer’, which I regret for denying him permission,” he says. Words + Music† “I think it would have been a great video. I’m actually really sad it didn’t happen.”

At the time, the alternative rock icon had been breaking through in the music industry for years and had been labeled a novelty act himself. Because his future was uncertain, Beck was concerned about what the parody would have done for the image.

“I’ve had a lot of people who were veterans of the business and say to me at 20, 21, 22, ‘You need to go back to school. You don’t really have the talent to do this. The songs as they are aren’t going to work. They’re too rough, they’re too raw, they’re not real songs, they’re kind of a hodgepodge,” he recalls. “It wasn’t really taken seriously at all. And when it came out, and it was popular, it became always not taken so seriously. You can go back to the press of the day. I only remember countless articles and headlines from ‘One hit wonder, joke band Beck, novelty act.’”

Beck – Loser (Official Music Video)

The new version of “Loser” can be viewed via op Billboard† Beck’s Full Episode of Words + Music, which also includes an update of “Where It’s At”, will be released on Audible tomorrow. The “Weird Al” biopic Foreignstarring Daniel Radcliffe, is slated for Roku this fall.

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