Aubrey O’Day responds to body-shaming photos

Aubrey O’Day opened up about the body shaming she faced after paparazzi photos of her went viral in 2020.

You may recall: Aubrey came under scrutiny online after appearing in an article that said she looked “unrecognizable” while walking her dogs. Many social media users even accused Aubrey of altering her photos to make herself appear smaller.

“It was my day of demise,” the lead singer of Danity Kane recently told E! News while you think about the backlash. “When it came time to laugh at me, everyone laughed.”

But at the same time, it wasn’t the first time she’s faced comments about her looks. “My body has been on the chopping block since I was 17,” said Aubrey. “Those weren’t the first fat pictures. There have been a lot of fat pictures of Aubrey, and I wasn’t even fat.”

She added, “I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to heal with how many inaccurate things have been told about me.”

Aubrey shared that she tried to heal by embracing her body, which is why she decided to pose nude in scenes from her “Couple Goals” music video. “I felt so good,” she said. “I felt so comfortable in my body.”

Aubrey said she will also debut an uncensored version of the video on OnlyFans now that she has developed a “different perspective” around her physical appearance. “It’s offering my body to be human again,” she said of why she’s sharing an uncut version of the video. “I love reclaiming it.”

Watch the full interview here to see everything she had to say.

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