ARIA crowns red carpet: bright colors, big sleeves and a few nods to the 90s

The silver spiked trophies are awarded to Australian artists who have produced the best music in the past 12 months.

But before the ARIA Awards kicked off at Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion, the celebs had to walk the red carpet.

Here’s an overview of some of the themes we’ve seen.

Statement sleeves

Barkaa wears a silky purple, white and yellow dress with puff sleeves, a train and a side slit
Barkaa’s sleeves have just the right amount of puff. (Getty Images: Wendell Teodoro)
Dami Im wears a long sleeve dress with pastel purple, yellow and green spots
Dami Im’s long sleeve dress looks like spring with those Jacaranda shades. (MONKEY: Bianca De Marchi)
Natalie Imbruglia wears a short, black suit-like dress with large sleeves
It looks like someone wanted to make pants to go with this suit jacket, but Natalie Imbruglia said “nope, use that fabric for some big sleeves instead!”. She made the right decision.
KYE wears a pink puffy dress with big fluffy sleeves.
KYE also went with puff sleeves, with a ruffled look reminiscent of a bunch of roses. (Getty Images: Wendell Teodoro)

Nostalgia from the 90s

Cat and Calmell, both with choker-style chains.  Cat wears a black strapless top, Camell wears a black and purple top
Cat and Calmell prove that the ’90s have made a comeback with those choker necklaces.(MONKEY: Bianca De Marchi)
Kita Alexander wears a black floor length skirt with a black crop top and a silver belly chain.
Kita Alexander’s belly chain completes this nostalgic look. (MONKEY: Bianca De Marchi)

Futuristic glamour

PANIA wears a black dress with a large frill around the neckline and two long braids.
Considering how close we are to summer, PANIA probably didn’t need those gloves for warmth, but they were still absolutely necessary. (MONKEY: Bianca De Marchi)
Genesis Owusu at the 2022 ARIA Awards
Genesis Owusu looks like a king from a dystopian future with the combination of cape, gloves and sunglasses. (Getty Images: Don Arnold)

Pack with something extra

Missy Higgins wears a silky orange and black suit with a black crop top underneath
Missy Higgins shows us that “corporate pajama glam” is definitely a red carpet vibe. (MONKEY: Bianca De Marchi)
G Flip wears a brown blazer and a silver necklace
G Flip combines a suit with a silver chain instead of a tie. (MONKEY: Bianca De Marchi)
James Tawadros wears a light pink suit with a furry coat
There was nothing boring about James Tawadros’ appearance.
Baker Boy wears a white suit with colorful details on the sides.
Baker Boy in a suit that gives you the feeling of frolicking through a field of flowers.

Beautiful pastel color

Budjerah at the 2022 ARIA Awards
Budjerah in baby blue. (Getty Images: Wendell Teodoro)
Emma Watkins wears a loose-fitting metallic sparkly dress.
Emma Memma wrapped herself in full sparkle and finished it off with a flower garland.(MONKEY: Bianca De Marchi)

Bold colors

Nick Ward wears a green, yellow and orange long sleeve shirt
Nick Ward’s jacket looks like it was made from a pack of jelly hose left on the dashboard of a hot car. And it works. (MONKEY: Bianca De Marchi)
Tsehay Hawkins wears a pale yellow skirt and off-shoulder top with yellow flowers in her hair
Tsehay Hawkins’ outfit is pure luck. (Getty Images: Wendell Teodoro
Hugh Sheridan wears a purple suit jacket, white top and hot pink pants
There was no way Hugh Sheridan could blend in with the crowd in this outfit.
Britt Cohen wears a pink, silky, floor-length evening dress
Britt Cohen went for a one-shoulder look with a twist.(MONKEY: Bianca De Marchi)

Editor’s Note: An image from PANIA was previously incorrectly captioned BARKAA. The ABC apologizes for the mistake.

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