Are Harry Floyd And Tess Brookman Still Together After ‘Farmer Wants A Wife’? An answer

From the moment they met, Harry Floyd and Tess Brookman’s spark was clear. Fans watched the Farmer wants a wife couple grow closer in the 2022 season, and now it seems almost certain that what we saw on screen was real – a refreshing revelation considering this is reality television.

As the finale unfolded, we finally witnessed the couple’s romance unfold – Tess’ chances were good $1.02 compared to Harry’s other suitor Bronte at $5 shortly before the season finale, so we had some idea of ​​what to expect.

“I love you, I want to be with you,” Harry told a tearful Tess in the finale, echoing the sentiment.

Interestingly enough, the sweet romance between the pair almost never happened – Tess, a 22-year-old psychology student from Queensland, never intended to sign up for the show, but presenter Natalie Gruzlewski convinced her.

“Nat gets her morning juice and coffee from the health food store where I work part-time,” Tess surprisingly explained of their connection.

After reviewing the opportunity with Gruzlewski, Tess didn’t have much to think about.

“I’m looking for a partner who appreciates the outdoors and animals as much as I do. I thought being a farmer would be the right choice.”


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Are Harry and Tess still together after that? Farmer wants a wife?

Yes! The pair have been spotted together several times in the months since the show finished filming, with one fan telling the story So dramatic!Tess and Harry have been going to events as a couple ever since to film wrapped up.”

They added that Tess’ mother also gave her approval after meeting Harry and “crying all the time”.

She said she really liked him and he was really nice,” she added.

Another source speaking to the podcast also backed this up, saying that Harry and his last pick were indeed still together as of September 2022.

During the show, the bond between the pair was strong, but Harry confessed his concerns about Tess’ dedication to her psychology studies in Queensland, implying that the long distance might be too strenuous.

But during the reunion episode, Harry brought a surprising update on their relationship – he was going to move to the Gold Coast temporarily so they wouldn’t have to travel long distances while Tess finishes college.

“Right now I’m making all the compromises and I hope she will make all the compromises for me in the future,” he told the cameras.

Harry, 24 lives on his farm in Kyabram in rural Victoria, and Tess has said she would like to live with Harry on the farm eventually.

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