Abbie Chatfield admits having sex in the ocean on Hot Nights podcast

Abbie Chatfield has opened up about a raunchy tryst she had in an unusual location in a conversation on her radio show.

Radio host Abbie Chatfield has opened up on the air about sex in an unusual location, revealing that she found a raunchy rendezvous in the ocean “stressful”.

The 27-year-old was in conversation with co-host Rohan Edwards about her Warm nights with Abbie radio show about whether it was worth the risk.

“It was so stressful — having sex in the ocean,” she said.

Edwards doubted her reaction, claiming it would have looked like she was cuddling. Chatfield agreed that probably no one knew, but said she had bigger concerns on her mind.

“What if I have a sea urchin up there,” she asked. Edwards laughed and said she should have worried about sharks with their iPhones.

The sex-positive host’s confession comes as she was promoting her new show on 10 Play calledAbbie Chats.

On the show, Chatfield speaks to people who “live, think and love differently,” as well as visiting a porn set and speaking to adult entertainment star Angela White.

While watching a pornographic film being made, Chatfield was visibly shocked to watch as she watched.

“My heart is racing,” she said. “So confrontational.”

The show will debut this week as part of the network’s pilot week.

The ocean confession isn’t the first X-rated conversation Chatfield has had on the air.

The outspoken influencer turned radio host, opening up candidly about her decision to have a “non-monogamous” relationship with her boyfriend, Konrad Bien-Stephens, in February.

But just a few weeks after saying they were allowed to have sex with other people, Abbie admitted there was a “problem” with the setup, explaining that her partner had slept with two people while she had “no prospects in sight.” ” had.

Things have changed since then Chatfield, who proudly announced on her podcast It is much that she had recently gotten some action on a segment dedicated to her night at the 2022 Lodge on the Gold Coast.

After talking about the “overwhelming” night — when she burst into tears as she struggled to get a picture of herself in her gorgeous dress — the conversation then turned to other things in her life.

“What else happened? Oh yeah, I finally rooted someone who is nice. Good for me,” she said.

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