5G promises millions of new mobile gaming, OTT streaming experience

5G Promises Millions of New OTT Streaming Experience for Mobile Gaming Image Source IANS

India needs to ensure robust 5G infrastructure before rolling out services.

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Millions of Indians spend nearly five hours on their smartphones every day, and 5G promises to revolutionize the internet with super-fast connection speeds and reduced latency, giving gaming and OTT streaming a much-needed boost, according to industry experts.

The Indian game industry is set to become a $5 billion industry by 2025, with over 450 million online gamers by 2023. OTT streaming is also on the rise in the country.

The installed base of smartphones with 5G capabilities has surpassed five crore in the country. The share of 5G smartphone shipments reached 29 percent of total shipments in the April-June period this year, the highest ever, according to Counterpoint Research.

“5G will help enrich the viewer experience on both mainstream and OTT platforms. For example, sometimes we see low video performance during live streaming of cricket matches or other events on OTT platforms,” Charu Paliwal, Research Analyst, Counterpoint Research, told IANS .

“5G is capable of high bandwidth and offers low latency, resulting in high-resolution video streaming with no buffering issues,” said Paliwal, adding that 5G will take services such as gaming and streaming to a top level.

Nitin Bansal, MD, India Head-Networks, Market Area Southeast Asia, Oceania and India, Ericsson, told IANS that 5G, with its features such as high throughput and ultra-low latency, would enable an immersive mobile gaming experience in India.

“5G will help offload heavy computing power, giving gamers faster speeds and lower latency, meaning in-game action will be smoother than ever, with no lag between a gamer’s input and the game’s response — or it’s now for a single VR player at home, or an esports gaming community,” Bansal told IANS.

Global smartphone player OPPO, which partnered with Reliance Jio to conduct 5G testing in India, said Jio was testing its fast and low-latency 5G network on the Oppo Reno 7-series smartphones.

“While most of the 5G testing in India involved non-standalone models, OPPO developed its solutions on the SA network. We have also collaborated with industry players and telecom operators to provide the most comprehensive 5G experience for our users,” Tasleem Arif, VP, and head of R&D, OPPO India, told IANS.

“With the advent of 5G, the user experience will transform in data download speeds, up to three times greater spectrum efficiency and super-low latency, and next-generation technologies will become ubiquitous,” he added.

According to Madhav Sheth, CEO, realme India, VP, realme and president, realme International Business Group, 5G will help make greater use of smart technologies such as IoT, AI and VR, which in turn will revolutionize development of new products and services that can be offered to customers.

Another report this week said 5G shipments in India grew 163 percent (year-over-year) in the April-June period, with Samsung leading the segment with 28 percent market share.

One in three smartphones shipped in the second quarter of 2022 was a 5G-enabled smartphone, as shipments grew 7 percent (quarter-over-quarter), according to Cyber’s India Mobile Handset Market report. Media Research (CMR).

Muralikrishnan B, president of Xiaomi India, told IANS that now that the 5G auction is complete, we expect consumer demand for a well-rounded smartphone equipped with 5G to only increase.

“We believe that 5G is one of the innovations that has the power to transform, upgrade and elevate our nation. 5G will strengthen the AIoT ecosystem, enable real-time gaming and enhance the AR/VR experience.” said Muralikrishnan.

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