2022 CrossFit Games Event Eight “Rinse N’ Repeat” Results – Campbell Swims to Victory, Khrennikov Crushes the Ski Erg

The fourth day of the 2022 CrossFit Games in Madison, WI, was a drama. Athletes knew that the first event would combine ski ergs and swimming. They also knew that the top of both individual standings was unstable.

Five Times Strongest Woman on Earth® Tia-Clair Toomey took the overall lead after a stellar performance on day three to make up for a mediocre first day. Mal O’Brien was 44 points behind her in second overall after being at the top of the standings for the first two days.

Ricky Garard’s return to the Games after his four-year doping ban has meant wearing the leader’s jersey for all three days of competition to date. He was still in the overall lead entering event eight. Still, Justin Medeiros, who was defending the Fittest Man on Earth®, had the momentum to go into the day after making up 62 points from being behind Garard in the overall standings in Event Seven.

Event Eight — “Rinse N’ Repeat” Results

Here are the full results:

Individual results ladies

  1. Lucy Campbell — 138 calories
  2. Amanda Barnhart — 134 calories
  3. Laura Horvath — 133 calories
  4. Tia-Clair Toomey — 131 calories
  5. Kara Saunders — 130 calories
  6. Haley Adams — 129 calories
  7. Matilda Garnes — 129 calories
  8. Mal O’Brien — 128 calories
  9. Arielle Loewen — 128 calories
  10. Brooke Wells — 127 calories

Individual results men

  1. Roman Khrennikov — 160 calories
  2. Dallin Pepper — 157 calories
  3. Jonne Koskic — 154 calories
  4. Lazar Djukic — 153 calories
  5. Sam Quant — 153 calories
  6. Brent Fikowski — 153 calories
  7. Justin Medeiros — 152 calories
  8. Cole Sager — 148 calories
  9. Cole Greashaber — 148 calories
  10. Ricky Garard — 147 calories

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Event Eight – Rinse and Repeat

Every two minutes:

*Add two calories each round for six rounds, then complete as many calories as you can for rounds seven and eight.

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Event Eight Summary

The women’s first heat kicked off and there was a clear skill gap across the series when it came to swimming. Kato, Powers, Speegle and Freyová were in the lead early on as the entire heat came through the first round of buy-in. Kato, Powers and Freyová came out of the water first on the second lap to tackle their 10-calorie round on the ski erg.

Every athlete in the heat stayed for round three. Those with more swimming experience chose to perform flip turns at one end of the pool. Those less experienced used open turns. The former is faster, but the latter allows for an extra breath before you freestyle in the pool again.

Round four started and no one had been eliminated yet, although Fuliano had just six seconds to finish the ski erg of round three. Round five retained all athletes, but Spencer, Kaya and Fuliano were on the brink of elimination. Round six was the first round without a full field – Fuliano, Kaya and Spencer didn’t make it to round five.

Round six claimed Fuselier, and round seven ran without her. Freyová and Kato tossed the lead back and forth on the first lap for maximum calories. Freyová finished three calories ahead by the final dive. Powers swam fastest on the final lap and set to work to make up for a four-calorie deficit on Freyová.

Kato took the lead with a single calorie and tried to hold it for the last 20 seconds. In the end, she scored 124 calories – enough to win the heat in a tie with Ellie Turner.

Heat Two ladies

Toomey was featured in heat two and is historically dominant in pool events at the Games. She was flanked in the middle lane of the pool by Lawson and O’Brien. Kato and Turner’s calorie count of 124 was the number to beat. Toomey cleared the first spot in 35 seconds.

Swim times remained consistent as Toomey completed the second swim in 35 seconds, as did Adams. Everyone in the heat cleared the calorie requirement by more than 20 seconds to rest on the pool platform. Toomey was out of third in 36 seconds and continued to lead the field even though most of the event was about survival, not pace.

Toomey repeated the 36-second dive on lap four. Adams, Brandon and O’Brien were level with Toomey and it looked like the swim times weren’t going to determine who reached the top of the leaderboard in this event.

Barnhart, Toomey, O’Connell and Campbell came out of the water first on lap five. Everyone in the heat completed the ski erg to get into the pool for round six. Barnhart took a small lead after the swim, but anyone who managed to hit 18 calories on the ski erg moved on to the maximum calories rounds, where the event will be won or lost.

All 20 athletes in the heat made it to the sixth round to compete for maximum calories. Barnhart and Campbell were out of the pool in their fastest swim times so far. Toomey turned on the jets, as did Horvath, and they were within a few calories of Campbell’s lead. Barnhart stayed in the mix for first place.

Campbell improved her lead in the final dive and took a seven-calorie lead over Toomey. Barnhart sat between them, and Horvath pulled the ski erg at 1,400 calories per hour to make big moves in the last 30 seconds. Obviously, Kato and Turner’s heat wouldn’t hold one calorie. Campbell won the event with 138 calories.

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Heat One for men

The 20 athletes in the bottom half of the general classification entered the group for the first heat. Malheiros was the first athlete to come out of the pool and had over a minute to rest before diving back into the second lap with the rest of the field. Round two saw Karavis, Fiebig and Greahaber up front with Malheiros. The whole field seemed to follow itself to keep their heart rate low.

A slow dive is how you recover.

Fikowski’s right ankle was taped, although it was not clear whether he suffered an injury or how much his ankle was limiting his performance. All athletes made it through the fourth round without any problems. Malheiros assumed a full crouch position right after completing the ski erg, as he had done on every previous lap.

The whole field reached lap six, led by Malheiros, who was again resting in a squat at the bottom. Fikowski came out of the pool to the front of the field on lap six, as his height was favorable to cover the 50m down and back. Everyone hit the two rounds of maximum calories, and the actual test in this event began.

Briant and Fikowski completed the swim in under 30 seconds and battled for the lead. Pepper pulled the ski erg at 1,800 calories per hour and jumped to the front of the field. He led by three calories more than Greasehaber and Fikowski as they entered the last spot.

Briant and Fikowski were again the first through the group in the last round. Fikowski dropped his swimming cap and goggles to get busted on the last ski erg. Pepper was still running at 2,000 calories per hour and it maintained its lead despite Fikowski putting in his maximum effort. Pepper’s insane speed on the ski erg was enough to beat the heat with 156 calories.

Heat Two gentlemen

Medeiros tried to work away the 25 points that separated him and Garard for the overall lead as the two swam side by side in the middle of the pool. Ohlsen and Khrennikov finished the eight calories on the ski very first in the buy-in round.

Everyone jumped into the pool for the second round when the commentary team said Vellner trained with Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte to improve his efforts in the pool. Lochte has 12 Olympic medals (six gold, three silver and three bronze).

Round three seemed routine as each athlete in the field maintained their heart rate relatively comfortably. Unsurprisingly, Koski led the swim as three of the Games event wins in his career were swim-based events (Event One in 2021, Ocean Battle in 2016, and Peer Paddle in 2015).

Rounds four, five and six were copies of each other, with Koski and Lazar Đukić exiting the pool first, but all athletes had cleared the calorie requirements to stay in the event. Krennikov and Adler were up front with Koski and Đukić, with Medeiros and Mayer just a few calories behind their pace.

Everyone ducked into the pool for round seven, and the crowd came alive as Khrennikov urged them on. Koski was the first to clear the group and exchanged the lead with Đukić, one calorie for Medeiros. The defending champion had a several-calorie lead over Garard. Khrennikov competed in the event in third place overall and maintained a pace of 1,700 calories per hour to overtake the lead in the event.

All 20 men dove back into the pool for the final swim. Koski made some time in the swim and lit the ski erg on this last effort. Khrennikov held onto a three-calorie lead when everyone had maxed out the ski erg. Koski appeared to be a madman in the last 30 seconds, desperately trying to close the gap between him and Khrennikov. It wasn’t enough, as Chrennikov closed the door with 160 calories to win the event.

Day four continues

Events nine and 10 are scheduled for 2:15pm and 6:15pm CDT, respectively. After event 10, there will be a selection of the bottom 10 athletes in each individual division on the overall standings. The final day of competition on August 7, 2022 has three events scheduled before the Fittest on Earth® is crowned.

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